Analytic and Laplacian Adaptive Radioactivity Analysis

The primary purpose of ALARA is to calculate the induced activation caused by neutron irradiation throughout a nuclear system (including fission reactors, fusion reactors, and accelerators). Some projects currently using ALARA include ARIES, IFMIF and the Z-Pinch Power Plant study.

What's New
Changes in the code, new users and applications, ...
Features of ALARA
One-page describing basic and advanced features of ALARA...
Users' Guide
Manual for using ALARA including sample problems...
Coming features and fixes
Information about what's next for ALARA.
Installation Guide
Instructions for obtaining and installing ALARA.
References on theory, testing/benchmarking, and applications.
About Data
Tips on acquiring and installing transmutation, decay and gamma source data.
ALARA Code Documentation

This work is supported in part by a grant from the ARIES Program of the Department of Energy's Office of Fusion Energy Sciences.
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